SOS Venezuela

One of the things I love the most about being an artist is the ability to feel with intensity and passion everything we do. We pour ourselves over and over again in our creations. We give birth to the ideas of Source, God, Universe. We somehow represent FREEDOM. That makes us of a great value for this world.
As one of the faces of FREEDOM I choose to use this media as another way to help the people in my country. VENEZUELA is going through a difficult moment right now. My home country is fighting for it’s freedom, for the right to have a safe life, to have dreams and see them come true over there.

My dream was never to live there forever, since I was little I always wanted to travel around the world, but there are many Venezuelans who have a dream of having a lifetime over there. This Venezuelans are in the streets protesting, trying to take back what belongs to use. A free country where people can have good quality of life and a better future. This people, students, youth are being killed and taking to prison since the protest started on feb 12th.
The government has control over the media. People have become their own journalist spreading the word through out the social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook are some of the only tools we have to tell the world what is happening. Venezuela needs all your support, the world needs to know the truth.

I am one of the many children’s of Venezuela who are spread all over the world. With all my heart and passion I support my country, my people who are awakening and going out everyday to fight with the best and only tools we as human have, LOVE, PASSION, CONVICTION, TRUTH and value for FREEDOM.

They have a dream just like you. Every life counts.

Please help spread the word


With LOVE and PASSION for my country >


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